Self-Starter Wanted

who value the ability to seriously learn and grow with us as they help build things from the ground up

Become part of a passionate team, work on innovative projects and take the opportunity to develop yourself.

What is important for us?


We are a team, everyone brings in their passion and makes their contribution to success.

  • Our work is based on trust, appreciation and mutual respect, this is the basis for every collaboration.

  • We stick to agreements and always address things directly

  • We view feedback and criticism as an opportunity to grow and to continue improving ourselves.


We take on new tasks with enthusiasm and are always leaving our comfort zone.

  • We embrace opportunities for growth, are proactive and do everything to produce the desired success.

  • We are bold and focus more on the opportunity than on the risk.

  • We are passionate about what we do and place great value on the enjoyment of doing it.


We confidently tackle the challenges which new and innovative technologies bring.

  • We always go the extra mile for our customers and aim to exceed high expectations, we take challenges head on.

  • Our aim: seeking, finding and implementing the best solution.

  • We take a results-oriented, hands-on approach and never lose sight of our goals.

What we value

We strongly believe that the best ideas only thrive in a good environment. This is why well-being, personal development, flexible work and individuality are essential to every one of us. And we don’t just say that, it’s the culture we live.

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