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Developing custom software involves several moving pieces. As a result, effective management of the development process is essential for successfully deploying a software product.

As innovative technology has given businesses new opportunities to perform more effectively and expand their market share, recent years have seen the massive emergence of software products becoming increasingly complicated.

Regardless of the size of the project, the development pipeline is constrained by time, budget, and staffing resources – from information gathering to testing and maintenance – to deliver the anticipated finished product.

To provide comprehensive control over a project from beginning to end, a technically versed project manager is needed. As the project manager creates, manages, divides and distributes work-packages amongst team members he has to oversee keeping things on track.

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How Artiquare Can Help in Software Project Management

Software development can be challenging; that is where software project management comes in. But unfortunately, circumstances beyond control could derail the project even with a perfectly laid out plan.

If you don’t have a specialist for a project or are in the process of hiring, we can jump in, assume control, and deliver results.

We have the experts to help your team manage the project. That person can oversee the development side and lead the team, validate the client requirements, break them down and monitor progress.

Part of the team can take over the verification process, manage the verification and testing stage, and coordinate with the suppliers and stakeholders while generating reports for the project lead and feedback for the development team.

Overcome Project Management Challenges with Our Experts

We oversee the proper division of your workforce on macro and micro levels. With our project management tools, you can drill down to a granular level to assess schedules. It will help you prevent bottlenecks in one resource constraint that would impact the delivery timeline.

One of the most challenging parts of software development is prioritizing all the moving pieces in a project, which is directly connected to resource allocation. We help take the guesswork by helping you plan and prioritize based on real-time data.

Miscommunication and misunderstanding can result in mistakes and conflicts. This can be due to poor planning. When no solid plan is in place, the roles and responsibilities can overlap, wasting resources. We can take over and manage your team, ensuring that clear communication and collaboration are in place so that you can focus on software product development.

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software project management Software Project Management

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Benefits of Software Project Management

Expert software project management services can help you significantly reduce software development costs, avoid many errors and failures, reduce risks, and improve customers and team satisfaction. Our team is always happy to provide customers with comprehensive recommendations and strategies to achieve successful outcomes.

Formalized Strategy

We will elicit and formalize the requirements, prepare a technical proposal, estimate time and cost, and form a team.

Organized Projects

We help you set up the best suitable project management methodology, tools to use, communication plans, and metrics

Deliver Awesome Software

Rely on our experience for result-oriented technical advice and consulting


Identify critical paths and plan ahead


Implement effective quality gateways


leave no room for guesses and surprises

Why hire ArtiQuare?

ArtiQuare is a software development consulting company specializing in software project management. We ensure that your project aligns with your business goals, achieves quality results, and delivers real value to all the stakeholders.

Our software project management team assists project managers in overcoming the complexities by encouraging end-user and stakeholder participation, managing risks, and creating an environment conducive to open communication.

These capabilities assist you in setting realistic project goals, accurately estimate resource requirements, report on project status, and deal with commercial pressures. We provide strategic alignment, leadership, planning, practicability, quality assurance, and proven processes to combat this.

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