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Our cloud transformation consulting helps customers reduce operational costs, increase ROI, minimize TCO, and facilitate seamless migration of traditional applications to the cloud and transform their IT.

At ArtiQuare, your cloud journey is more than getting your IT involved. It is more about transforming your business from your IT infrastructure, your processes, and your people.

We use our industry expertise and cloud engineering capabilities to create a business-first approach for a seamless and faster transition.

Our approach can help you create new business models and deliver an amazing customer experience. It is not only tech-powered but also human led. All these can help drive revenue to your business while building and managing resilience.

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What we offer

Gap Analysis and Data Gathering – Assessment of your cloud computing capabilities and transformation progress.

Defining Your Cloud Strategy – Review the role of the cloud in your organization.

Technical Review – Assessment of your current infrastructure and aligning it with your cloud strategy

Designing Cloud Architecture and Data Storage – Define your cloud architecture and data storage

TCO and ROI Analysis – Provide an assessment report to identify your cloud deployment model that fits your organization.

DevOps – We will automate the entire application lifecycle using innovative DevOps tooling.

We Boost Our Clients’ Cloud Transformation by Empowerment.

Instead of simply adding digital features to existing processes, we will show you how to adjust business processes and software architecture to make the most of relevant digital technologies

Don’t limit yourself to efficiency gains in isolated functions and processes, we will help you organize your company to allow digitized end-to-end processes to shine

Analyze your requirements from both a technical and economic perspective to be able to evaluate and apply modern information technologies optimally to your needs

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Cloud Transformation should be about your business, not just technology!

At ArtiQuare, we identify your biggest organizational opportunity.

Accelerate business transformation – streamline operations and mitigate risk to help your business drive revenue, innovation, growth, and resiliency.

Move beyond cloud transformation – develop a business strategy that would maximize Cloud opportunities rather than implementing a simple IT plan.

Improve digital innovation – improve your customers’ experience by enhancing your digital innovation.

cloud transformation,automation,consolidation,cloud transformation strategy Cloud Transformation Consulting

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Benefits from Cloud Transformation

Cloud transformation is not only about security and competitiveness; it has several benefits that improve your daily operations and help your long-term business strategy. Here are its benefits:

Improve scalability

scale up and down when needed and respond to demands quickly.


cloud transformation can help reduce your IT cost by 25%.

Increase efficiency

adopting cloud platforms can increase capabilities by 20-40%.

Challenges Associated with Cloud Transformation

Adopting the cloud has several benefits, and transformation can save your company while making it easier for your company to keep astride with technology.

There are, however, some challenges associated with cloud transformation. Here are a few of them:

Data security issues

Cybersecurity should be an important part of your business strategy, whether you use on-premises technology or cloud services. We advise the best cybersecurity strategy to minimize risk and protect your data.

Lack of expertise

Cloud services enable your business to keep up with the pace of change as technology evolves. However, if your cloud transformation program does not include adequate cloud service training, your solutions will not be as effective as you had hoped.

Worse, you will be exposing your organization to security risks and cyber attacks. We at ArtiQuare can advise you on an effective cloud strategy that maximizes its capabilities.

Compliance challenges

Staying up to date on compliance regulations and ensuring regulatory standards are followed throughout your organization is an important aspect of cloud expertise.

Data breaches can be disastrous for your business. The sanctions and lawsuits are costly, and you risk destroying your brand’s reputation because of an attack. Furthermore, you may be liable if your third-party cloud services are hacked, and customer data is compromised.

Guidelines such as the PCI DSS and compliance regulations such as the DSVGO, GDPR, Sarbanes-Oxley Act, and the New York Department of Financial Services Cybersecurity Regulation exist primarily for two reasons:

  • To safeguard customer information
  • Assist businesses in taking precautions against cyberattacks.

The overall migration processes

Cloud transformation is not an easy task. First, we help plan your migration process ahead of time. Then, we can devise an action plan to resolve your obstacles.

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Why Should You Hire ArtiQuare?

We recommend working with a cloud consultant if you don’t have the experts to help you implement your cloud information strategy.

Our cloud consultant at ArtiQuare has the experience and expertise to help your business smoothly execute your cloud transformation. We can work with you on a cost-effective strategy and help your organization reach its goals while addressing compliance challenges and cloud security.

Let’s Make Things Happen

We will help you turn your digital transformation into a smooth journey and ensure your automation projects are set to be as profitable as you were promised.

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