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Take the first step toward a comprehensive cybersecurity with our Cybersecurity Essentials Package.

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Cybersecurity Essentials Package

Minimize cyber risk, maximize protection

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  • Cybersecurity Risk Assessment:

    Quickly assess your company’s cybersecurity risk and identify areas for improvement.

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  • Automated Vulnerability Scanner:

    Scan your external network for vulnerabilities and get recommendations on how to fix them.

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  • Threats Alert:

    Stay informed of the latest cybersecurity threats and keep your business safe.

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Protect your business from cyber attacks by identifying and addressing vulnerabilities.

Increases customer trust by demonstrating to customers that you take their security seriously.

Take the next steps beyond the basics of antivirus and firewall to safeguard your  business.

What’s Next?

If qualified, a cybersecurity program advisor will contact you to discuss the next steps of on-boarding:

  • How to best leverage your Essentials package to improve your cybersecurity

  • Whitelisting your organization’s IP to enable your free vulnerability scan

  • Scheduling time to review your results and build a prioritized action plan
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